DP Ruto using Kikuyu musician Njoroge Muigai to incite violence against the Kenyattas

    Controversial Kikuyu Gospel Musician Muigai Njoroge has released a new song titled “ino migunda” loosely translated to mean ‘these lands’. The song advocates for class violence in the Mt Kenya region and other Kikuyu lands.He i s calling on violence to be meted on rich land owners around Mt Kenya region.The Kenyattas are huge land owners, not only in the Mt Kenya region but also across the republic.

    In his ”ino migunda” song, he also attacks the Odingas, the Mois. He is calling Kenyans to burn Odinga’s Kisumu house. Njoroge then calls on his audience to kick out the Mois from Kabarak then proceed to punish the Kenyattas and burn their Gatundu home.

    Before President Uhuru started supporting Muigai Njoroge, the musician was a hawker in Kawangware. It was the president who out of good will and great heart, allocated him a piece of land in Mwiki. Through former president Mwai Kibaki, President Uhuru gave Njoroge a brand new KBS Pajero.

    Later towards 2013 elections, Muigai was made one of the lead Jubilee Party Presidential Candidate lead campaigners in Mt Kenya. He led all Mt Kenya artists in campaigning for President Uhuru’s election, where he made tens of millions. The same trend was in 2017 when the head of state gave him land in Juja worth 10M. It was during this time that the hit ‘Tano Teno’ was a Jubilee slogan, where Muigai Njoroge would earn a cool Sh 150,000 in a day.

    However, the controversial musician fell out with the head of state after hhe failed to get a nomination in the Kiambu County Assembly. Before falling out with the president, the musician sung his lungs out, reminding everyone who cared to listen, that President Uhuru Kenyatta was annointed by God.

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