Women Rep Cate Waruguru says DP Ruto is unforgiving, not fit to be President

    DP Ruto and the Laikipia Women Rep

    Laikipia Women Representative Cate Waruguru says Deputy President William Ruto is very vengeful and does not forgive anyone who crosses his path. While speaking to Inooro TV, the Women Rep who until last week was am ardent DP William Ruto, now says the DP is not fit to be president.

    ”William Ruto is a very unforgiving man. He has a habit of holding grudges, therefore not fit to be president. He should probably learn something from Raila Odinga,” she said.

    ”National unity is the strength that binds and inspires the people of our country. Thus in reality, its protection, peace, independence and sovereignty are directly dependent on and relative to a nations pride, patriotism, and social cohesion also known as unity, the Laikipia Women Rep said after meeting Raila last week.

    After the meeting which happened at Raila Odinga’s Capitol Offices, Waruguru confessed there was so much to learn in the country’s politics. An admission that she has always believed the constant disinformation she has always heard about Raila Odinga.

    The Laikipia Women Rep when she met Raila Odinga last week

    ”So much to learn.Before independence there was no tribalism until divide and rule system infiltrated us through the Muzungu era.If we let the Kenyan third generation travel in a tribal train we’ll have lost it all,” she continued, adding that she will cooperate with the government as long a her people of Laikipia benefit.

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