Wikileaks Exposes How Former First Lady Used Feared Police Commissioner Ali To Murder Prominent Kenyans

    Leaked letters by famous European hackers -Wikileaks now show that former first lady Lucy Kibaki and retired police commissioner Major General Hussein Ali had ordered the killing of prominent politicians, including Martha Karua and Gitobu Imanyara.

    According to the written statement by a policeman (Wilfred Njenga) who claims to be a member of the defunct Kwekwe Squad, among the prominent people who were monitored for possible assassination were Paul Muite, Ferdinand Waititu, GG Kariuki, Bonny Khalwale, Gitobu Imanyara, Martha Karua and businesswoman Mary Wambui.

    According to the author, by the time the 07/08 post-election violence calmed down, the killer squad alone had killed at least 1,869 Mungiki members and 631 suspected robbers. He alone had killed 40 people, and for that they were paid an allowance of Sh25,000 allowance on a weekly basis.

    He claims that President Mwai Kibaki was not aware of the killings, and they were masterminded by powerful people in the government. They would rehearse the assasinations by killing prominent businessmen, though some of the target were not killed.

    “Tafadhali madam utauwawa just go away into exile because we know it will not take long for Maj Gen Ali to issue kill order. Mr Muthaura, Mr Michuki, Maj Gen Ali and Lucy Kibaki are the ones issues orders to track prominent personalities,” read the letter addressed to Martha Karua in part.

    The unit to carry out the assassinations was to be paid Ksh 150, 000 each,the letter says.

    At least a dozen police officers who conducted the killings died or disappeared, according to the letter, and the latest to die was former head of Special crimes prevention unit Richard Katola who died in 2015.

    The then interior Minister late George Saitoti was kept in the dark but was used to issue statements, and died in  a suspicious plane crash in 2012. It is suspected that he was assassinated.

    “Prof George Saitoti and his PS Kimemia are kept in darkness but used to issue statements and reports at Parliament and in Public Barazas in support of police without knowing they are being used,” adds the letter.

    In order to guard any information from reaching the targets, the letter reveals that National Intelligence Service (NIS) officers were deployed at Post Offices to screen all letters addressed to MPs and prominent people.

    “We are told First Lady Lucy Kibaki called Mr Muthaura (Francis) and Maj Gen Ali and ask them to eliminate Muite,” the letter adds.

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