MP Loses 24 Dairy Cattle Worth Millions That Dropped Dead Minutes After Licking Poisonous Salt

    Emurua-Dikir MP Johanna Ngeno is said to be distraught after his herd of 24 Holstein Friesian cattle worth Sh2.5 million died after feeding on a poisonous imported mineral product. According to Olekisiara farm manager Fredrick Mutai, the thoroughbred cattle started dropping dead one after another, minutes after feeding on the product

    However, the product is imported from Ireland is available at local animal feeds stores.

    “The cows began shivering, foaming in the mouth and running wild before dropping dead one after the other five minutes after minerals salt,” he said.Mutai added, “We immediately called a veterinary doctor who came and injected the animals in an efforts to save them, but there was little he could do,”

    “I am staring at a very big loss, every cow is worth Sh200,000. This loss is too heavy to bear” Said the MP.

    The lawmaker said his farm workers called a veterinary doctor immediately but efforts to save the herd were futile.

    MP Ngeno said they had recently bought the supplements from an agro-vet store in Nakuru after he was convinced that it would be good for his livestock.

    “We bought the new feed recently and we were giving it to our livestock for the first time. We gave it first to 22 cows after which we planned to give the rest. Our farm has about 90 cows,” he said.

    The first animal dropped in two minutes after consuming the feed.

    “The first one dropped in two minutes and the rest 21 were down less than ten minutes later,” he added.

    The MP said he spoke to the store owners demanding answers to how they could be selling a poisonous feed.

    “When I called them, they told me the supplements were imported from Ireland. They convinced me that former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto had bought a similar feed for his livestock,” he said.

    The lawmaker said he is seeking compensation for the losses. He has also urged Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to do an investigation on the suspected poisonous product.

    Information printed on the 20kg bags of the product manufactured by a foreign company, states that the product is complementary feeding stuff for ruminants. It encapsulates feed urea.

    The batch of tens of bags bought by Ngeno has an expiry date of January 28, 2022.Luke Evans another worker at the farm own by the MP, said since it was the first time for them to use the product, they consulted the supplier based in Nakuru before using it.

    “We followed keenly the instructions given by the product supplier. He told us the ration for each cow is 200 grammes per day mixed with other general animals feeds. That is what exactly what we did,” he said.

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