Why MPs are running away from DP Ruto’s Tanga Tanga

    Deputy President continues to be a deserted man, after President Uhuru’s ongoing purge in the ruling Jubilee. The hunting has now been extended to the affiliate NASA parties, including ODM, Wiper and Ford Kenya.

    In the last two weeks after President Uhuru Kenyatta embarked on cleaning his Jubilee House, parliamentarians allied to the DP have not only retreated but also they have started to distance themselves from Tanga Tanga.

    After months of having a false confidence of available numbers it now has dawned on most legislators that Ruto does not have any power to control both the Senate and the National Assembly.

    Loyalty to the DP was anchored on handouts and weekend allowances to accompany their boss to various political rallies. With a formidable financial muscle, Ruto managed to whip a majority of young vocal legislators to his side.

    This gave the camp a false sense of being the majority. Support for the DP, from the MPs have never been rooted on any ideology or political persuasion, but money.

    Money taps are running dry, there are no public gatherings and rallies. Thanks to COVID-19 which has shattered DP Ruto’s political plan to the core. On the other hand, the current pandemic is a blessing in disguise to the head of state. The president now has ample time to focus on his projects without having to worry about Tanga Tanga attacks every weekend in funerals.

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