VIDEO: Gloves Off as President Kenyatta Set to Confront DP Ruto Over the Ruling Jubilee Party Rows

    President Uhuru Kenyatta’s plan to confront the Deputy President William Ruto over Jubilee Party wrangles that saw the ruling party divide right in the middle.

    The party leader has made drastic changes recently which is claimed to target defiant members with the majority being supporters of the Deputy President. 

    Following the ongoing purge in Jubilee that saw the DP Ruto’s key allies kicked out of Senates plum positions, the DP has remained silent, contrast to his opposition to changes in Jubilee Party’s National Management Committee (NMC). 

    Taking to his Twitter handle page, DP Ruto condemned the changes and appointment of Lucy Nyaguthii Macharia, Prof Marete Marangu, former Kitutu Masaba MP Walter Nyambati, Jane Nampaso, and James Waweru referring to the move as a coup that was destined to fail. 

    “As Kenyans are focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, some shadowy characters are attempting to fraudulently institute illegal changes in officials of Jubilee party. As deputy leader, I have alerted the registrar of the fraud. Party members should know that the matter is being handled,” reads the DP’s statement condemning the changes.

    The Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju has, however, announced that the National Management Committee planned a meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday 27 May at 9 a.m. to come up with a meeting date for the Jubilee National Executive Council (NEC). 

    “The NMC will meet from tomorrow at 9 a.m. with the sole purpose of doing what the NMC is supposed to do, which is to prepare the agenda and issues that will be addressed by the NEC. We hope to have an NEC meeting very soon. We are only waiting for the party leader to give us a time when he is available to meet the NEC. So the meeting can be anytime from Thursday onwards,” reads Tuju’s announcement in part.

    “We will communicate to all members of the NEC, they will all be invited and if anybody has any objections to actions that have been taken so far they will be able to raise them at that NEC meeting,” Tuju added.

    According to the party constitution, the second in command who is a member of NEC is expected to attend the meeting and raise substantive issues regarding the party’s decisions as it seemed that the DP was not aware of the party changes from the word go. 

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