Anger As County Official Uses Corona Funds To Buy Himself A Car

Residents of Vihiga County are seething with rage after word got out that the County’s Director of Communication signed for Sh1.5 million for media coverage during the Covid-19 preparedness, only to use it to purchase a car.

Victor Wetende who handles Communication from Governor Wilber Ottichilo’s office is facing possible suspension or even termination after repeatedly signing for millions of shillings which he used to purchase a small car, a Toyota Passo, in April, which has now been dubbed by other staff as ‘Corona’

A leaked report shows that the money on media coverage was used to create awareness to the general public on the dangers and preventive measures of Covid-19.

Of the Sh1.5 million, Sh175,000 was meant spent for hiring of a public address system, Sh100,000 on lunch for communication officers while radio advertisements took Sh780,000.

Under the same vote, graphic design took Sh40,000, video editing and scripting Sh171,000, banners Sh75,000, drinks and another Sh350,000 was spent on snacks and meals during coverage.

According to the documents that are being interrogated by the Assembly’s Health Committee, Sh70,000 is said to have been spent on hiring of Live-U and Sh65,600 on hiring of a still camera.

The expenditures saw Sh25,000 spent on the purchase of internet/bundles and Sh61,250 was used to buy DVDs. However, the money was not used for anything indicated.

Staff in the Communications office have been incensed after revelation of the figures, yet they have been doing all this work for free, and even on some days going without lunch.

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