Babu Owino Humiliates Anne Kiguta On Live TV As Interview Gets Heated

Witty. Tactful. Blunt and cunning are some of the adjectives used on the head of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who on Sunday sparked a heated debate following his interview with Anne Kiguta on K24’s prime-time talk show Punchline.

The interview started with him positing his views on various issues including recent evictions in Ruai and his online Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education revisions; but it was the controversy surrounding his alleged shooting of Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve that made the interview take a nose dive.

Kiguta relentlessly pursued Babu over the issue, first making him watch the CCTV footage which captured him shooting Evolve in the neck at B-Club, Nairobi in January.

The anchor asked Babu why he should still be in office after being charged, frustrating Babu who questioned Kiguta’s motives insisting that the matter was still in court.

The legislator maintained that he was innocent until proven guilty, reiterating that he could not discuss a matter that was in court.

As Kiguta continued with the line of questioning and poked holes into his character, Babu grew frustrated and asked if Kiguta was working with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to have him re-arrested.

“What I will tell you Anne is simple. This is a matter before a court of law, and a matter before a court of law is subjudice (prohibited from public discussion). Have you ever been arrested or handcuffed? If you discuss this matter those people are going to arrest you because it is a matter before a court of law and we will stop at that,” Babu stated when shown the CCTV footage.

Kiguta however laid claims that it was a matter of public safety and they were not discussing the merits of the case, urging Babu to come clean on the subject, but the firebrand legislator stood his ground.

An obviously irked Babu told Kiguta that she was in no position to be a judge of morality, constantly reiterating that he was innocent until proven guilty.

“Since you seem to have answers that you want to tell Kenyans, you can speak to them. I have told you, you have no moral obligation, you have no moral yardstick to measure morality.

Babu’s ire grew more conspicuous when Kiguta asked him whether he should have resigned after pulling the trigger, questioning if he had violated the public trust.

Kiguta decided, then, to highlight queries sent from Kenyans watching the show directly to Babu, but the MP remained steadfast in his position.

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