Kikuyu farmer embarrasses Ruto PR trying to hijack Uhuru dam & food projects.
William Ruto at one of the small dams built by Uhuru in Kiambu county for irrigation use.

Deputy President William Ruto was yesterday badly embarrassed in a PR gone wrong during his alleged food donation tour on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

The Deputy President defied his boss on corona food donations that should be supervised by national government and forcefully visited Nachu Ward, Kikuyu Constituency to distribute the items himself.

Among his convoy of at least 10 high-end SUVs and Prados ferrying his security and communication teams was one truck carrying the food donations.

The “ordained” Bible verses crusader even went against the teachings of the Book of God that we should not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing and wrapped his alleged donations in gunny sacks branded with Ruto’s name for obvious campaign reasons.

During his tour accompanied by the area Mp Kimani Ichungwa, Ruto ran into an already established farmer and decided to parade him as a successful beneficiary of his projects.

However,in the Ruto’s media release, the deputy president’s communication team forgot to edit out a part that the Kikuyu farmer said the project belongs to National Government.

In his address, the farmer identified as Samuel Njuguna confessed the dams were built by President Uhuru and celebrated the project as he and other locals can now easily convert the harvested water to irrigate their farms.

He adds, that before the dams were built the area was completely dry and they used to depend on food donations that he criticized as not being sustainable. {see video shared below}.

Ironically, the pictures shared by the deputy president showed very green, healthy and fresh farms growing cabbages, sukuma wiki, spinach, beans ,etc…and Kenyans were left wondering if the residents really needed the food donations.
Does the farmer need a food donation?

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed questioned his Kikuyu counterpart Kimani Ichungwa if the Kikuyu residents really needed the food donations after President Uhuru Kenyatta already built dams that turned the region into a food granary.

The National Assembly minority whip also busted the sworn Ruto ally, Kimani Ichungwa to imagine the wonders Arror and Kimwarer would do if its construction funds could not have been looted by the deputy president and his cronies.

“Ndugu @KIMANIICHUNGWAH your constituent here surely don’t need food donations. Rais Uhuru already built a dam which has turned his shamba into a food granary. If this small dam has worked wonders, imagine what Arror & Kimwarer would have done for the people of Elgeyo Marakwet?” said Junet

Apart from the small dams spread out across the villages, water shortage in Kiambu county has also been eased following the completion of the Sh800 million Theta Dam by the National Government.

Theta dam reservoir has a storage capacity of two million cubic metres and the water from the dam will be predominantly for domestic and irrigation use.

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