Mutahi Ngunyi: Kikuyus supporting Ruto to offer solutions to Uhuru Problems are stupid.

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has come out to warn his fellow Kikuyu people against associating with the Deputy President William Ruto.

In a series of tweets, Ngunyi argued that it was stupid to claim DP Ruto can offer solutions to the problems allegedly created by President Uhuru Kenyatta yet they have been ruling together and even shared power almost equally.

“QUESTION to the HOUSE of GEMA: If you THINK Uhuru Kenyatta is the PROBLEM, how is Ruto the SOLUTION? Do you EVEN know him? Have you STUDIED the DESIGNS of his HEART? If NOT, you have been INFECTED by a VIRUS called HERD STUPIDITY? Please Qualantine! ” said Mutahi

Making a humble appeal to his GEMA community, Ngunyi urged the Mount Kenya region to remain united claiming their division will cost them a lot in future.

Mutahi Ngunyi has been leading the a group of Kikuyu elites who have been de-campaigning the deputy president.

The Kikuyu elite have been accusing the Deputy President of undermining and even defying orders by head of state to stop engaging in early 2022 campaigns in which they argued was hindering the President’s Big 4 agenda.

The ongoing purge to weed out Ruto allies in the assembly proves that President Uhuru Kenyatta has renegaded on his promise to endorse the Deputy President once he completes his term.

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