President Kenyatta’s Close Associate Reveals Why Uhuru is Angry with DP Ruto and Allies

Nyeri Town Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu who is also President Uhuru Kenyatta’s close associate has finally revealed why the Head of State decided to go against Deputy President William Ruto.

Ngunjiri’s revelation came at a time a number of Kenyans at large have been wondering what pushed President Kenyatta to make such a harsh decision of betraying his long time political friend and also his deputy.

Taking to his Facebook page, Ngunjiri outlined some of DP Ruto’s acts that annoyed the President and possibly led him (Uhuru) to go against his deputy and his allies leading to the ruling Jubilee party fallout.

According to the Nyeri Town lawmakers, the second in command and his aides first betrayed the President by engaging themselves in corruption, a thing Uhuru had declared war on.

The lawmaker also said the DP and his allies messed the whole thing when they claimed the Commander in Chief was fighting them with corruption allegations.

The lawmaker further stated DP Ruto and his allies angered the President when they decided to engage themselves in early campaigns thus undermining and derailing the Head of State’s effort to push for his big four agenda.

The lawmaker also noted that DP Ruto’s move to go around the country launching projects angered his boss, adding the DP launched many ghost projects, especially in the Central region in a bid to politically build himself.

Ngunjiri further stated that DP Ruto also undermined President Kenyatta’s efforts to unite the country arguing that the DP and his allies opposed the handshake relationship between the president and the ODM chief Raila Odinga. 

Citing BBI, DCI, EACC, and National Metropolitan System, the lawmaker also accused further accused the DP and his allies of fighting government agencies and officers.

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Written by Emily Odeny


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