Ruth Matete Reduced to Begging as Nigerian Government Holds on Husband’s Body

Tougher times face talented gospel songbird Ruth Matete who has been reduced to begging as she faces finacaial constarints.

This is reportedly resulting from the move by the Nigerian Government to detain her husband’s body at the behest of his family.

Nigerian Commission , on April 23, asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to ensure Beloved John Apewajoye’s body was held until they give a go ahead for him to be interred.

This is even despite the fact that his family had allowed the gospel singer to bury Apewajoye. It is not clear however why the Nigerian High Commission clung on to the body, piling more misery on Matete.

Her lawyer has disclosed that she did not have any money to continue paying for mortuary expenses and is now asking for bailouts. Robert Odanga lamented over how the former Tusker Project Fame winner was being frustrated by the Nigerian High Commission’s directive.

“She is holding a fundraiser for two hospital bills already. The family in Nigeria has written a letter to the Nigerian High Commission to release the body. We have also written two letters to high commission, but they have remained mute.

“Ruth is prepared to release it, but she cannot continue paying the accruing morgue bills,” Odanga of Odanga and Partners Advocates disclosed.

An autopsy had been done and which had revealed the contentious death of the husband of gospel artist, Ruth Matete, Beloved John Apewajoye. 

The report detailed that Apewajoye died from complications including sepsis, multiple organ failure after suffering 60% burns. The investigating body has however said that the case is still open and anyone with evidence can come forward.

Matete announced the death of her husband via social media on Sunday, April 12. 

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