Kenyans urge Uhuru to allow Stella to fly back from Japan.
Freshly Mwamburi

“Ilikuwa tarehe kumi na saba, mwezi wa tano”

Today is May 17, and the name Stella is, once again, on the lips of Kenyans who share the pain of being heartbroken.

About 30 years ago, a young man Freshley Mwamburi from Taita fell deeply in love with a beautiful girl from Kangundo by the name Stella.

The two lovebirds enjoyed the best of their teenage times but just as he was considering settling down and marrying the girl of his dreams, Mwamburi got the shock of his life in the early years of the 1990s when her queen Stellah ditched him for not just another man but a “four feet foreigner.”

During their heydays as lovebirds, Stellah who was a student at Kenyatta University received a scholarship to Japan but didn’t have finances to buy a ticket for herself since she was coming from a poor background.

To prove his love to her Queen Stellah, Mwamburi would sell his land, aging car, goats, cows and all valuable personal belongings he could find on his way and gave the money to her to travel and upkeep abroad.

A few months into her stay in Japan, Stellah would send Mwamburi an email telling him she became vulnerable and had moved on with life with another man, the principal of her college, which Mwamburi took as a joke.

On May 17, 1992, the day she was scheduled to return to the country after completing her studies, Mwamburi mobilized a huge entourage and organized a colorful ceremony to receive her at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

However, Mwamburi would meet a rude shock of his life. The woman she adored so much was gone. His heart sunk to his knees when her love of life Madam Stella approached him carrying a child from her relationship with her college Principal.
Freshly Mwamburi with his second wife{not Stella}

Deeply heartbroken, Mwamburi collected his courage and produced a song detailing the fateful day.

And, interestingly, it’s just this one song that, like a single stroke of genius, several years ago catapulted composer Freshley Mwamburi to national fame and recognition across the East African region., projected by people who shared the pain with him.

In perhaps one of the most hilarious moments this year, Kenyan Rhumba music lovers have taken to social media to remember the hit song “Stella”, arguably one of the favorite real-life situation love songs.

Only that this year’s anniversary is coming at a day when the country has been hardly hit and stalled by the coronavirus pandemic that has seen Kenyan government imposing movement restrictions and banning international passenger flights into and out of the country.

However, Kenyans are appealing President Uhuru Kenyatta to at least allow this one flight from Japan to the country to “allow Mwamburi receive her love back”

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