Why DP Ruto has no choice but resign and quit politics.


He neither honours his word nor his promises. He out rightly lies to Kenyans and lives a life centered on scheming and stealing, maiming and killing. At day, he smiles with his supporters but at night he is wreathing in anger, loathing every Kenyan leader who has appeared to be an obstacle to his 2022 presidential ambition. This man is so obsessed with being president that he is willing to jeopardize the country’s development and the efforts made in ensuring peace and stability in Kenya. Money and power is all he is yearning for; and corruption has been his bait, crafting and scheming through proxies and ‘foot soldiers’ who bring him the loot as he gives them a share of it. So far, Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has successfully managed to amass wealth of unknown value but in billions, taking the toil and sweat of Kenyans including hustlers who duly pay their taxes.

The Deputy President has taken his gloves off and is openly showing the country that he no longer works to unite the country but to deeply divide it.

Right from the start of the pandemic, Ruto comfortably took the back seat and decided not to offer any input despite the open collaboration and cooperation that the government embraced in order to fight the spread of the pandemic. Leaders came out from all sectors of the country but Ruto watched on as the President led the way in curbing the spread of the pandemic. This is so because his plans of gaining presidency seem to have been put in disarray as the country took a unified approach in fighting the pandemic. Yet, Ruto thrives in division and causing chaos. His strategy of divide and rule seems to have fallen short ever since the handshake took place and since then, his hidden claws have slowly been unfolding.

Ruto is no longer interested in the country’s development, that is if he ever was in the first place. The man openly defies President Uhuru Kenyatta yet he is supposed to deputize the President. Right from the 2017 presidential election, Ruto has been in a consistent campaign mode which has duly cost the government. It was until when his budget was slashed that the DP reduced his daily tours to different parts of the country. In his campaign mode, Ruto launched non-existent projects that up to date, none has ever began or ever will, as some are not even in the government’s development agenda. Deception is his main mantra to capture gullible Kenyans who still think they are still on the same league of ‘hustlers’ with Deputy President William Ruto who has narrated contradicting stories of him as a hustler.

No leader interested in development would be as this involved in corruption as Ruto has been. It is Deputy President William Ruto who has been implicated in the various corruption scandals that have occurred in various parts of the country. Stealing from public coffers, Ruto has been implicated in the Sh21 billion dams scandal whereby he openly came out to protect the suspects mentioned and even giving contradictory figures, implying that only a minimal amount of Sh7 billion was stolen from the Kimwarer-Arror scandals. Stealing from what would be considered ‘his own’, Ruto and his allies were also involved in the recent maize scandal that ensured genuine farmers were locked out with their produce rotting away. The same Ruto even urged those farmers to change to other forms of farming yet this was their only source of livelihood.

With full evidence presented to Kenyans, it was the Office of the Deputy President where the Sh40 billion arms scandal unfolded under his watch and guard. All this is factual information. Ruto has grabbed so much land that Kenyans have openly joked about it through ‘Ruto memes’. Going as far as Mombasa, Ruto has encroached on a public beach in Shanzu-Mombasa. He openly grabbed an IDP’s land, known as Muteshi, which was valued at Sh100 million but fortunately the IDP won the court case and got his land back. Ruto is also said to have grabbed the Murumbi land, a section of Ngong Forest and the KCAA land upon which Weston hotel has been built besides salivating for a section of land belonging to the Lang’ata Primary school adjacent to Weston hotel. This is just a tip of the iceberg of what Ruto has done for this nation, deterring development in all manner of scandals that have duly cost the country billions.

Despite President Uhuru Kenyatta making a major overhaul in the country’s investigative institutions in order to boost the war on graft, Ruto has trashed his efforts and is no longer reading from the President’s page. He has supported corrupt leaders including former Kambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal, Garissa Governor Ali Korane, among others.

A frustrated man, Ruto has demonstrated his willingness to sabotage all government efforts that are geared towards Kenya’s development while maintaining peace and stability. He is clearly fed-up and what only remains is for him to take a flight out of the country’s leadership and join the hustlers he keeps on preaching he is a part of, hoping that he will assist them with his billions.


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