Nairobi Tenants Arrested, Issued With Eviction Notices After Clashing with Caretaker Over Rent Arrears

    Drama ensued after tenants clashed with the caretaker over rent arrears at one of the apartments in Kabete, Nairobi leading to arrests and issuance of eviction notices.

    This started after a tenant was issued with an eviction notice from property management company Mark and Jedy informing him to vacate the house by 31 May as he was being accused of threatening to kill a caretaker after refusing to pay rent and inciting fellow tenants.

    A representative of Mark and Jedy property management company claimed that a group of tenants had refused to pay rent and even came to their offices towards the end of April to threaten them.

    The representative further revealed that they reported the matter to Kabete Police Station and the officers they engaged there took prompt action and arrested some of the tenants who were disturbing them, with a case pending in court.

    He further disclosed that they had issued a number of tenants with eviction notices after refusing to pay their rent dues, affirming that the notice that is doing round social media was genuine.

    “It’s something I saw because I was in the office when they came. They were very loud and physical, and they were threatening everyone and insisting that they will not pay rent,” the representative narrated.

    “We called in officers from Kabete Police Station and some of them were arrested. In fact, there’s a pending case in court and we are awaiting directions, we gave some eviction notices and we expect them to leave by May 31. So the letter you have seen is genuine, it’s true what is written,” he added.

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