Covid-19 Patients’ Shocking Testimonies Across the World Exposes Governments Badly, Revealing How the States are Faking High Numbers of Covid-19 Cases

    Quite a number of individuals from different countries in the world have come out to exposed their countries’ Governments in damning revelations, claiming their countries are forging the infectious diseases that have sent the entire globe into panic cases.

    With these few individuals’ testimonies, a number of people seemed to have been convinced that Coronavirus does not exist.

    One user from England identified as Mark Richards taking to his twitter handle page wrote, @thereamaman,” my aunt died last week she had cancer for about 3months, and sadly pass away, but on the death certificate she died of coronavirus when my cousin told the doctor this is bullshit, the doctor replied we are just following Government guidelines my cousin was so angry. @garethicke”

    Replying to Mark’s tweet another user wrote @sphnix_Lunatic, “My aunt passed away last week Wednesday, we buried her with a certificate saying she died of COVID-19. She has been sick since June last year and it had nothing to do with the virus… Like totally.”

    Jennifer Combs Allen, a nurse in the United States also weighed in, stating that, “Kidney care nurse here, I can vouch for this. I’ve seen it done, all deaths except fatal shootings or fatal car wrecks are listed as Covid19 deaths.”

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