Did Uhuru Hold Secret Meeting With Kikuyus in Nakuru, Gave Them 10k Each And Incited Them? (Video)

    President Uhuru Kenyatta

    Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri has made damning revelations as political temperatures in the country hit fever pitch despite the ravaging corona pandemic.

    The MP who had invited media to his home in Nakuru on Sunday began by disparaging K24’s Anne Kiguta for her alleged biased journalism against DP William Ruto before he went on to question why President Uhuru Kenyatta had not come out to counter attacks on Ruto from leaders including the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli.

    “I’m asking Uhuru, when all this is happening in the party, when Atwoli is standing up on Labor Day to abuse Ruto, why are you watching, laughing and doing nothing?

    “When you see a tortoise on a table, know someone put it there. Everyone causing issues, from the Office of the President to anywhere else, they will not be answerable to Kenyans, they will be answerable to you.

    “People are looking at you, not those who are talking. If you stand one day and stay stop this, stop the party wrangles and fight Coronavirus, people will listen.

    “If you tell people today to stop insulting the DP, the politics will stop. But instead, we are being divided, from MPs to MCAs, and you are just watching,” he lamented.


    He claimed that if the tables were turned and he was the one being isolated by Ruto, Jubilee lawmakers would fight to defend him.

    “If Ruto was President and you were his Deputy, and he did to you what you are doing to him, all of us would be in the streets,” he asserted.

    In the video above, Ngunjiri also claims that Uhuru is inciting Kikuyus against other tribes-read-kalenjins in the Rift Valley.

    “There is a time you came here to Nakuru, picked a few Kikuyus, the ones who love to be given money, you gave them 10k each and told them there’s enough money to enable them handle things in 2022. They came to us and told us. The things you were saying is (sic) against another community!” Ngunjiri reveals in his address.

    He adds: “Surely as a President, how can you call a few Kikuyus and talk to them about other communities? That is incitement. Kiyuyus want to tell you that we want to live in harmony with other tribes because we are everywhere…”

    The MP also took a swipe at Jubilee’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju. Listen to him in the tweet below.

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