VIDEO: Mixed Reactions as Police Officers Force a Man Out of Bedroom For not Wearing Mask

    A video of police officers pursuing a man from his house for allegedly not wearing a mask has sparked mixed reactions.

    The undated video that surfaced online on Friday 1 May showing officers by the door demanding the man and his family get out of the bedroom.

    “They want me to get out of my house along with my family in the name of not wearing a mask. You can see them at the door, and this is my bedroom. How can I wear a mask in my bedroom?” the man questioned

    “What kind of harassment is this? If you are taking me out, take me along with my family. Will you be taken out of your house for not wearing a mask?” the man further possed as a police officer at the door could not let him be but insisted that he comes out.

    In the video, a child could be heard crying in the background, as the man argued against the arrest. 

    “Out there you arrest people by the roadside, but as for me, I am at my doorstep. There is a difference between a public place and my bedroom,” the man argued.

    The video sparked mixed reaction with a section of Kenyans condemning the act, claiming the police officers had turned the national government’s directive through the Ministry of Health into a cash cow.

    The Irate Kenyans appealed to relevant authorities to establish the truth of the matter and tame the rogue police actions as depicted by the video.

    However, some Kenyans questioned the logistics of the incident that occurred as alleged, arguing that it did not add up for the officers to arrest someone for not wearing a mask in their own house, and therefore there must have been something that led to the arrest.

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