DP Ruto’s Hand in Most Covid-19 Donations by MPs.

    By Abraham Wangila

    In one of his social media posts,Dr.Ruto’s  chief blogger Mr.Dennis Itumbi hinted of a plan by the DP to help vulnerable families that have been affected by the pinching hard economic times brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic.Kenyans were asking why the DP had not contributed anything to cushion Kenyans against the negative effects of Covid-19 like his fellow politicians.In Itumbi’s post,he never explained how the DP intended to contribute his donations but one thing was for sure,he was not going to contribute to a National Committee that was put in place by the President to receive donations from Kenyans.It has now emerged that DP Ruto is using most MPs and some friendly politicians to reach to Kenyans in most parts of the country. According to the reliable sources,the DP did not want the state to be involved in his programs due to political reasons.

    Most MPs allied to DP Ruto have been running programs of  food, sanitizer and mask distributions in their constituencies. Though some of them have not come out publicly to declare that the support is from DP Ruto,others have openly appreciated him for his kind heart.In a system similar to that of the government Ruto has also put several families, especially in the slum areas of Nairobi on weekly stipends. We have learnt that almost 10,000 families in Nairobi have been receiving Ksh.2,000 on weekly basis from DP Ruto.Just like that of the government,DP Ruto’s program is expected to be rolled out across the country after the number of beneficiaries is ascertained.

    “We are taking a list of the vulnerable families that have been left out of the government program,”said one of the insiders.

    DP Ruto’s help has also been registered in the areas that have been affected by the floods.The DP dispatched his team with required help to the areas of Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot where killer landslides have displaced a thousand families.In the county of Kirinyaga where floods has been experienced though not on a large scale,the DP has send his team to map affected families and come up with the best solution to help the families.

    In Narok,the DP has assigned Emurua Dikir MP Yohana Ng’eno to take care of the families that were evicted from the Mau forest.The families now live in camps as the fight for government compensation  continues.Hon.Ng‘eno has had to content with opposition from Narok politicians who believe that he is earning a mileage for standing with the families.

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