President Donald Trump in an unprecedented move is fixing to suspend all immigration to the USA.

    American President Donald J.Trump has announced through his twitter handle that he will sign an executive order, to temporarily stop all immigration to the United States. Media Pundits were quick to opine that this is a desperate attempt by the president to distract Americans attention from his mismanagement of the Corona-virus pandemic.

    It must be remembered that president Trump who pegged his election on stopping illegal immigration during a speech he made when he declared his run for the Presidency. At the time, Candidate Trump likened Mexicans to “rapists and drug dealers”.Corona virus therefore presents him with the best chance to execute his plans in order to please his base.

    Just over a week ago, during his daily media briefings,he surprised many when he laid blame of the COVID -19 pandemic on World Health Organization; by alleging that it was a Chinese stooge . Later,he withdrew American Contribution to the organization.

    Since Taking office in 2017, President Trump has dared and done the most unthinkable things in the history of America. Prior to Trumps presidency, the United States thrived as a beacon of hope, where immigrants built the most celebrated companies like Apple,Yahoo,Google amongst others.

    It remains to be seen how Trump will implement the order and how far he is willing to go, to show his base that he is keeping his campaign promises,now that he has failed to build a wall that he promised Mexicans would pay for.

    The President mentioned protecting American Citizens jobs, and protecting the country from the invisible enemy. Americans will be watching to see what programs will be affected by the executive order.

    Before Trump, America thrived on its soft power, by championing human rights, protecting refugees and taking leadership in world . However,Trump has fundamentally changed the American foreign policy, through his ” American First ” Policy. American is no longer the leader of the world

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