Lead By Example; Keen Kenyans Bash CS Kagwe for Flouting Set Measures to Curb COVID-19 Spread During Public Address

    Keen Kenyans bashed the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, expressing their displeasure on matters regarding the ministry’s directives to curb the spread of coronavirus novel during the ministry’s public address on Monday 20 April.

    Following the Health Ministry and the government’s set directives in social distancing, personal hygiene, wearing of masks, sanitization, washing of hands with soap and running water regularly to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus novel, Kenyans were not pleased by the Ministry of Health’s Monday 20 April’s public briefing.

    Kenyans noted that more than 15 people were part of the briefing not including journalists and media practitioners who were present during the briefing.

    Some of the people who were present during the briefing did not observe the government’s social distancing directive as they were too close to one another which was contrary to what was expected of them causing a stir as many complained that they were not leading by example as the front liners in the fight of covid-19.

    “We copy what you do. In the brief you are not 1.5m distanced, you touch each other you touch the front of your masks, the press team are crowded…it’s only engineers tried. Kindly lead by example,” reads one of Kenyans by the name Norah Kosgei’s comment on Citizen TV live stream on YouTube.

    “Why do all those people need to be there? It’s an update that Bwana CS can handle, secondly where is your mask? looking at the social distancing there is zero!” Njeri Nganga stated.

    “huyu naye anapanguza microphone a kuguzaguza a mikono yake (that one was wiping the microphones then later touching them with his hands), ” Emmah Malesi observed.

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