Does Constant Advice from Ruto’s Opposers Means that he is Getting it Right?

    By Abraham Wangila

    In any competition, no participant encourages his main opponent to work hard and smart to beat him. The main business of any participant is to make his opponent to commit more mistakes and waste all his chances of winning in the competition. The same applies in a political competition. For the last two years, the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has been receiving a lot of political advice. The advice has not been coming from his genuine supporters but mostly from those opposed to his presidential bid. Wambugu Ngunjiri, Francis Atwoli and David Murathe have been the loudest DP Ruto’s advisors. According to them, DP Ruto has poor advisors who have been misadvising him and it is the time he replaced them with serious individuals. However, according to Murathe and Atwoli, the DP will never be the President of this country. With finality, they have spoken these words. And this begs a question, can they wish DP Ruto to get anything right?

    When DP Ruto was going around the country to launch the Jubilee project, his opposers saw it as a sign of disrespect to President Uhuru Kenyatta. They started to advise him to stop the events immediately if he wanted to become the President in 2022.They have also had an issue with DP Ruto’s harambee events.Politically,the project launching and harambee events have been giving DP Ruto the opportunity to reach out to Kenyans in all parts of the country. Unlike them, the DP’s constant presence on the ground has continued to endear him to Wananchi. As he moves around, he use the opportunity to establish a network down to the remotest part of this country. This is what his opponents and detractors would not like to see. In a crafted opposition hidden in the words of advice, Ruto’s opposers have always come out guns blazing against the events. It hurts them that they are not the ones in charge of those events.

    DP Ruto’s opposers have been very active on TV programs, calling press statements every now and then to tell Kenyans how he is unfit to become a President. Their platforms have been limited to mainstream and social media. Before the coronavirus, BBI rallies had given them the chance to equal the DP. However, BBI rallies were only based in major regional towns unlike Ruto’s which are mostly county based. The energy they always used in the BBI rallies to disparage the DP shows how desperate they have been looking for the opportunity and platform to do what he has been doing all along. It only means that Ruto has been getting it right by holding those events.

    Ruto’s visits in Central Kenya have also faced a lot of oppositions. His detractors have been advising him to only visit the Kikuyu nation with President Uhuru as a show of loyalty to him. Does the advice hold water? The DP not only enjoys the support of most central Kenya leaders, but their electorates too. His constant visits to the region have helped him to build a network there that cannot be broken that easily. It worries his detractors that even without Uhuru’s support, the DP still commands a huge following in Central Kenya. Their fake advice to the DP is to make him lose focus and start thinking that without Uhuru Kenyatta, or electoral malpractices, he cannot be the President.

    Another bone of contention has been the Jubilee Party. The DP’s detractors have been calling him to move out of the party and form his own party. As good as the advice might sound, it is misleading and has evil intent behind it. An enemy can only give you the wrong option. By the DP moving out of the Jubilee Party, he will have first dumped the party that sponsored him to his position. Using the constitutions of the party and Kenya, the DP shall easily get removed from his position. Infact, they will not require an impeachment motion but just a mere letter to the registrar of political party. They also want the DP to lose focus from the ultimate prize by using more money in building a new party instead of campaigning.

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