Raila to Omtatah: Let the death of your daughter strengthen you to push harder for policies that improve lives of our people

    Raila Odinga

    ODM leader Raila Odinga has condloled with the Okiya Omtatah’s family, following the passing of their daughter Maryanne. Odinga, in a message told the activist to use the death of his daughter to push harder for policies that improve the lives of Kenyans.

    ”My friend Omtatah, pole on losing your daughter Maryanne, to acute malaria. I know the pain of losing a child, let it strengthen you to push harder for policies that improve lives for our people. God grant you strength to cope with the loss. You’re in our thoughts and prayers,” Raila tweeted.

    Omtatah announced the passing of his daughter on Friday afternoon. The renown activist expressed his loss, saying no words can describe the pain his family is going through over the loss of their daughter.

    ”Morning. Hope you are OK. Just to let you know that my 21 year old little girl who was in third year at university went with the angels to the Lord yesterday at 10 pm,” Omtatah told this writer on Friday.

    ”She has been in a comma in ICU for the last one week suffering from acute malaria. Glory be to God,” he added.

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