DP Ruto warns Uhuru against making fraudulent changes to Jubilee party officials

DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto in a bold move fired a controversial tweet indirectly castigating his party leader for what he termed an attempt to institute illegal changes to the party’s National Management Committee. It is common knowledge to right thinking Kenyan that such significant changes to the list of party officials cannot be sanctioned without the blessing and knowledge of the President himself.

The Deputy President was responding to a Gazette Notice No. 3084 that sort to inform members of the public of the impeding changes being instituted by the party. In a letter addressed to the Registrar of Political parties Ruto stated that he had noticed in a Gazette notice of the 6th of April 2020 a list purporting to change the membership of the Jubilee National Management Committee and asserted that the intended changes were illegal and fraudulent.

Keen observers have noticed the erratic manner in which the DP has handled himself in the last 48 hours, something that appears to look and sound like an attempt to undermine the authority of The President. How else can we explain a Deputy President summoning the all nation to a prime time address live on TV to talk about an issue in which the President himself has taken a leading role? One would think Ruto and Uhuru are Co-Presidents.

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