Dead Bodies: Increase in Corona Virus deaths puts pressure on Local Morgues in the U.S?

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    The Corona Virus pandemic has put a lot of pressure on local hospitals especially in Hot Spots around the world. The number of reported cases continue to rise and so is the number of the dead. This pandemic has created a new problem in the death care industry. Having many dead bodies that their facilities cannot handle.

    According to a story that appeared in the Business Insider, Patrick Marmo, the founder and CEO of International Funeral Service of New York , says that typically, he handles 40 bodies in a day, but because of the corona virus pandemic, he is now handling more than 143 bodies in a day. This has stretched the deathcare industry to their limit.

    Unconfirmed reports indicate that hundreds of dead bodies were cremated daily in Wuhan, China. The exact number is not known due to Chinese strict control on information flow.

    In Europe, Italy has been its Corona Virus epicenter. The number of people dying daily from the disease has been reported to be in hundreds according to recent reports. The large number of reported cases in Italy in addition to those dying daily has overwhelmed the healthcare sector and the deathcare industry. Because of the infectious nature of the virus and the governments restrictions on social activities, family members do not have opportunity to pay the last respects to their loved one.

    In the United States, it’s believed that the government will have to issues guidelines on how to handle an increase in death associated with corona virus in line with its directives to restrict social gatherings. For now, families who have lost loved ones are given their remains to make funeral arrangements with a limited number of family members.

    Should the Corona Virus death toll continue to rise, and with local governments running out of space to store dead bodies, there is likelihood that the government may issue directives on how to handle this issue.

    More information about this story can also be found on the link below.

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