COVID-19: Alert as government orders for importation of 4M bags of maize to avert looming food crisis

CS Peter Munya

The government of Kenya through Ministry of Agriculture has ordered for 4M bags to help mitigate any food crisis that may arise over the coronavirus. The country is staring at a potential food crisis considering crops did not do well this season over extended heavy rains as well as locust invasions in various parts of the country.

While making the announcement, Agriculture CS Peter Munya said the 4M bags to be imported will be used for both human and animal consumption. 2M bags of white maize are meant for human consumption while the remaining 2M yellow maize will be processed for animal feed.

“I would like to assure Kenyans that the government has put in place the necessary mechanisms to avert potential food shortages. The national and county governments are working together to ensure agricultural operations continue and that safe food is available, accessible and affordable,” CS Peter Munya said.

While speaking to the press on Wednesday, CS Munya has urged Kenyans not to panic buy as that would badly interfere with the supply chain and in turn badly affect Kenyans in need of food. He also revealed the government is doing all it can to support farmers at this time.

”In order to avoid shortages, it is important that we keep the supply chains going. The supply of staple commodities must function well. Farm, livestock and fish production inputs and produce need to be transported to where they are needed most,” he added.

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