Wosyanju Paul

    As everything goes into  Lockdown across the globe,I sit back and smile at how nature  has a way of correcting itself as put out in the Ecological balance Theory.The theory proposes that systems in an ecology are always in a homeostasis.It is a state in which one small change is corrected by a counter feedback that brings it to the original balancing point.Homeostatis may at times be referred to as the state of stable equilibrium.

    Human activities like industrialization  across the globe has led to rise in carbon  emissions.This carbon emissions have been responsible for the increased global warming and unpredictable weather patterns .The ramping down of industrial activitivities  has in effect  drastically reduced the level of emissions across the globe as shown by  various satellite images.Analysts and scientists say that this year may record the highest drop since the 2007-2008 financial crisis ; although they might drastically rise again later on.

    In Venice Italy, waterways and canals have cleared and are more calm as nature takes over. Ducks and other birds of prey have been spotted in the now empty spaces scavenging for food. The scampering of crabs and returning schools of fish are an indication of the restoration of the ecology.

    Wild animals have also been spotted by netizens in the empty streets as humans remain under lockdown. A critically endangered Malabar Civet as listed by the International Union of Conservation of Nature red list was spotted in Indian streets. This is indeed a perfect stabilisation of equilibrium caused by the locked down and self isolating humans.

    These culminations show that despite the crisis and havoc the global lockdown has created by, provides a much-needed space for nature to get better.

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