Moses Kuria lauds police brutality last night, urges them to use all means to keep Kenyans safe from the virus

    MP Moses Kuria

    Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has urged Kenya Police to use all means necessary to keep Kenyans safe from the deadly COVID-19 virus. While lauding the officers’ brutality on Kenyans last evening, Kuria said reason the virus was under control in China was because authorities in that country ‘hawacheki na mtu’.

    ”The reason COVID-19 is getting under control in China and running out of control in Italy is very simple. In China hawacheki na mtu. You obey laid down COVID-19 guidelines to the letter or face the music,” the MP said.

    Kuria urged Kenya not to repeat the same mistake Italy did, something that has seen the country record one of the highest casualty rates globally.

    ”In Italy the liberal far right and reactionary media place civil liberties over safety. Please dear fellow countrymen and women. Lets obey government directives on Corona Virus. Failure to do so is you taking poison and expecting the government to die of the poison,” he added.

    Kenyans and several leaders have condemned the brutality police meted out on members of the public last night. Senator Kipchumba Murkomen condemned police action saying it was not about controlling the spread of COVID-19 but it shows a grudge the police have against Kenyans.

    ” Every law/directive is meant to cure a particular mischief. The curfew is meant to curb the spread of COVID19&not to torture Kenyans.The security managers are behaving as though they have a grudge against Kenyans&are using COVID19 as an excuse to revenge. It must stop forthwith,”Murkomen charged.

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