VIDEO: Footage from Hidden Cameras Expose Officers’ Carelessness Badly Amid Government’s Tough Measures to Curb Coronavirus Spread

    Secret cameras have exposed Police officers carelessness badly despite being expected to lead by example in helping the government to curb the spread of the infectious coronavirus across the country.

    However, it has emerged that the officers believed to follow the government directive to fight to coronavirus, do not adhere to the safety measures laid out by the government always to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

    NTV presenter Dennis Okari in the expose, shed light on how police officers are endangering not only their own lives but also the lives of people they are meeting while in line of duty.

    Through hidden cameras, the reporter captured the current situation at Kamukunji Police Station, where officers do everything usual and are not following the government safety measures.

    No officers could be seen wearing any sort of protective gear as they exercise their daily duties, which exposes more people to contract the deadly virus.

    From the video, there was also no presence of hand sanitizers or a designated water point where officers could wash their hands regularly as one of the key orders issued by the government in a bid to curb the spread of covid-19.

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