REVEALED: Why DP Ruto Has Been Silent Since the Outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic in Kenya

    In support of the Deputy President William Ruto’s loud silence since the outbreak of covid-19 in the country, Political analyst Edward Kisiang’ani has given an explanation why DP Ruto has been silent on the heating debate about coronavirus pandemic.

    DP Ruto’s loud silence has raised questions and speculation among Kenyans, especially social media users, who are wondering why the DP has kept quiet on the crucial matter the country is facing.

    Amid speculations, Kisiang’ani came to DP’s defence, stating that the DP has been silent on the matter because his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, is fully in charge of the matter the country is currently facing.

    Taking to Twitter, the University Don claimed that DP Ruto’s stand has been represented in President Kenyatta’s addresses to Kenyans since the first infection case of coronavirus was detected on Friday 13 March.

    Kisiang’ani also opinned that Kenyans should follow the guidelines that have been given by the head of state and refrain from waiting Ruto’s own version, as they are one.

    “I’ve read some social media comments to the effect that DP Ruto has been conspicuously quiet over the Coronavirus catastrophe in our country. What else should DP Ruto say when his boss, President Uhuru has already given guidelines on this matter? Let’s follow Uhuru’s guidelines,” reads Kisiang’ani’s post on Twitter.

    The DP has also been absent in all the head of state’s press briefings in the crucial matter when the president ordered all schools to be closed and government staff to work from home.

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