Relieve for Kenyans stuck in Wuhan as no new Coronavirus cases recorded, allowed to leave their locked rooms

    For the Kenyans stuck in Wuhan during the worst moments of the disease in China, they could be safer now as the city finally brings the virus under control.

    Sources state that China recorded no new infections of COVID-19 in Wuhan yesterday, though they do have new imported infections to worry about.

    Wuhan was the epicentre of the virus.

    The infection swept across the city and the entire Hubei Province for the better part of January and February.

    Kenyan students stuck in Wuhan spent a better part of the time in quarantine calling for the Kenyan government to evacuate them from the city.

    However, the Kenyan government refused to bring them into the country, stating that they were safer in their rooms saying taking them outside their rooms risked them catching the infection.

    Kenya’s Ambassador to China, Sarah Serem stated that they were safer in their locked rooms in Wuhan.

    While speaking to capital FM, one Kenyan in Wuhan stated that life was slowly going back to normal adding that they could now leave their rooms and walk down the street to get necessities.

    Kenya has so far recorded seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past week. Thus, there is growing fear among many Kenyans that the virus could be spreading quietly among the population.

    This fact is not made better by the reality that the country does not have enough testing kits to test a huge number of the population.

    With community spreading likely to be going on without us knowing, the truth then dawns that the Kenyan students stuck in Wuhan are now in a better position than we are at the moment.

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