Coronavirus suspected patient flown to unknown location in KQ plane after refusing to be quarantined

    KQ plane

    A Kenya Airways plane threw West Africa into panic mode on Wednesday, March 18, after it reportedly landed in Sierra Leone’s Lungi International Airport with a suspected coronavirus patient onboard.

    According to a report by a local publication, the suspected patient is of Japanese origin and was flying alongside three other Japanese nationals.

    The plane had made its first landing Liberia before heading to Sierra Leone, where it spent some time in air after its landing was delayed for authorities to prepare for appropriate action.

    After landing, the sick passenger was, however, not allowed to the country after they refused to be quarantined and was flown to an unknown location.

    A number of other non-Sierra Leonean passengers from neighboring countries also opted to return to their point of origin after they refused to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

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