Breaking News: Standard Group to Lay off 170 staff across the company

By Mike Amdany

The Standard group has announced the decision to lay off 170 employees across the company in an effort restructure the organization.

In an internal memo addressed to its employees, the company’s CEO Orlando Lyomu stated that reason for this decision as;

  1. The need to realign the organization structure to be better equipped to deal with the emerging business challenges brought about by regulatory changes and difficult business environment.
  2. Shifting trends in media consumption occasioned by technological changes in the digital environment
  3. Efficiency arising from automation of key internal processes
  4. Outsourcing on non-core services

It appears that the company is facing financial challenges. Unverified reports indicate that the company has not honored its obligations to suppliers for several months. Additionally, unconfirmed reports indicate that Alex Chamwada has cancelled his contract with the company for two of his shows, the Chamwada report and Daring Abroad after not being paid.

The standard Group is the second largest News media house in Kenya after   The Nation media Group.

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