Government Orders Matatu Owners to Wash, Fumigate PSVs’ After Every Trip After Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

    The government has issued a new directive to all public service vehicle (PSV) operators to ensure that their vehicles are constantly cleaned and fumigated to contain spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic disease.

    Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia during a press conference directed matatu owners to clean and fumigate the vehicles after every trip to maintain hygiene throughout the day.

    The Transport CS also instructed the PSV operators to provide hand sanizers for passengers on board.

    “We insist that matatu owners, make sure you have those sanitizers without fail… And also make sure the buses are cleaned not in the morning and evening, but each time you come to the city and drop off passengers make sure you clean those buses, ” reads’s CS Macharia statement.

    The Transport CS further noted that the directive also applies for commuters using other means of transport including trains.

    “We have also told Kenya Railways that for each trip the trains must be fumigated and cleaned, this is a life and death matter we cannot take any chances.” CS Macharia stated.

    Macharia further warned that any PSV operator who will not adhere to the government’s directives and preventive measures risks having their PSV licenses revoked.

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