Mt. Kenya MP Reveals Why President Kenyatta is Snubbing DP Ruto

Nyeri Township Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu has disclosed reasons why he feels the Deputy President William Ruto is claiming he is being harassed by state agencies and no single action has been taken.

Taking to social media platforms, Ngunjiri opined that the deputy president contributed greatly to his predicaments by positioning himself as a 2022 presidential candidate instead of serving as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s running mate.

“Let’s get something straight. There’s William Ruto the Deputy President, and then there’s William Ruto a 2022 presidential candidate. William Ruto has never complained of a lack of state support in his role as Deputy President,” Ngunjiri stated.

“He has everything he needs to be Deputy President of Kenya. He has 100% government support in that role. He is secure and there is no threat to this position,” the legislator added

Ngunjiri, also alleged DP Ruto will receive no support from President Kenyatta come 2022 general polls if he will consider going for the country’s top seat as President Kenyatta is already in power thus no vacuum to be filled until 2022.

“This is in order because the current state has a president and cannot support someone else who wants to be president; at least not now when there is no election for president underway. The state is therefore under no obligation to support William Ruto, the 2022 presidential candidate. We must, therefore, learn to tell the difference between these two roles,” Ngunjiri further stated.

“When he attacks the government, says they are undermining him and threatening his political allies; that’s the 2022 Presidential candidate. Not the Deputy President. When he says they killed his security officer and might kill him, that’s the 2022 presidential candidate; not the Deputy President,” Ngunjiri further stated.

The legislator further added that when DP Ruto fought handshake that birthed Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and any other initiative fronted by his perceived political competitors, he was acting more as the 2022 presidential candidate than as the country’s Deputy President.

Ngunjiri, therefore, concluded that the Deputy President was in trouble because of his own political problems he had created through his earlier campaigns around the country.

“When you hear him say ‘I am the Deputy President of a Kenya; Elected!’ and then complain that he is being frustrated by the government, ask him whether what he is being frustrated for is related to his role as the Deputy President, or as a 2022 presidential candidate,” Ngunjiri concluded.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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