Joementum Sweeps across the South propelling Biden to the front-line of Democratic nomination

A wave that started in South Carolina with a Statewide victory for Biden last Saturday continued on Super Tuesday with wins in; Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Virginia and leading in 3 more States out of the total 14 that voted on Tuesday. Just last week pundits and the mainstream media had declared Biden’s campaign technical dead with little money to spend because of the initial losses in Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Biden’s chances got a boost yesterday with big endorsements coming from the charismatic Beto O’Rourke who is the former Presidential candidate and The former Representative to the 16th congressional district in Texas, Senator for Minnesota Amy Klobuchar and The Mayor for South Bend, Indiana Pette Buttigieg. These endorsements seems to have moved mountains for Joe who has become competitive in all the states that were voting today.

Joe’s sterling performance has acted to deny Bernie Sanders the bragging rights and the momentum that he enjoyed prior to Saturday, an achievement that he was happy to tout in all campaign events.

Pundits are at it again this time predicting a brokered convention due to the fact that non of the contestants will most likely win a majority of delegates to become an outright nominee.

New York Billionaire, Mike Bloomberg AKA ‘Mini Mike’, according to President Trump has dismally performed with only one win in American Samoa after spending close to $500 million in TV commercials. He is more likely to drop out tomorrow.

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