Former VP, Joe Biden Wins Big Endorsements in the BIGGEST Day Before The BIGGEST Day of The RACE (SUPPER TUESDAY)

Former VP Joe Biden got a boost in his bid to fly the Democratic party flag in the 2020 Presidential election in a race he defines as a fight for the soul of America. Joe Biden is fighting against Bernie Sanders the self declared democratic socialist who has so far won races in Nevada, New Hampshire and came in second in the Iowa caucus.

Before Joe’s win in South Carolina thanks to Black American voters, political pundits had ruled out his bid as technically dead. But in a new boost to his campaign in the biggest day before the biggest day of the race, Joe scored big endorsements from two of his former contestants who have dropped from the race, Amy Klobuchar the Sen. for Minnesota and Pete Buttigieg the Mayor for South Bend Indiana–who was the first openly gay candidate to run for high office and won the Iowa Caucus. The two, Amy and Pete will join Joe Biden in a campaign event in Dallas, Texas.

Joe is considered a moderate Democrat who appeals to the Independents and moderate Republicans something that will be highly needed in November elections against President Donald J Trump.

The other notable Democratic party luminary who endorsed Biden today was Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader under President Obama administration’s first term in office.

Stay tuned for more as we cover the 2020 elections all the way to the National Democratic Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and to November.

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