Breaking: Corona-virus claims an additional three fatalities in the USA bringing the total number to six

In what is turning out to be a full-scale pandemic globally, The United States recorded a further 3 fatalities in Washington State bringing the number to six all in the state and a new 18 new cases.

President Donald Trump had earlier on while on a trip to India intimated that the US had contained the spread of the disease and it turns out that it was just wishful thinking. This has drawn sharp criticisms from the political class who insist that the President’s handling of the pandemic was underwhelming compared to how Obama handled the Ebola menace during his time in office. Trump on his part has blamed the Democrats for weaponizing the pandemic for political gain.

The US has now has recorded at least 100 cases and 48 schools have been closed in Washington State. The Surgeon General, however advised the general public not to buy masks as they were unnecessary to those not already affected by the disease.

Else where in Japan all elementary schools have been closed to contain the disease.

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