Shock as Billionaire Oprah Winfrey tumbles on stage while delivering speech about the importance of BALANCE,

Oprah Winfrey shocked many when she took a fall on stage in the midst of a speech about the importance of balance at her vision 2020 event in Los Angeles, California. The vent was to be graced by heavy weights like former first Lady Michele Obama and other notable celebrities.

Oprah lost her footing while trying to explain that balance doesn’t mean that all things are equal. Oprah who is a celebrated talk show host and 66 years old blamed her heels as he regained her balance. She continued her speech barefoot before switching to more comfortable shoes for the rest of the speech and joked about talking about balance and falling at the same time.

The TV powerhouse has been lately on the receiving end from Black male celebrities who accuse her of unfairly targeting Black male celebrities with career ending documentaries while turning a blind eye to while male celebrities in the same kind of predicaments.

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