Mutula Kilonzo Junior warns Ledama Ole Kina over ethnic remarks ahead of Narok’s BBI meeting

    Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior on Friday, February 21, warned his Narok counterpart Ledama Ole Kina to avoid using statements that may hinder peace ahead of Narok’s BBI consultative meeting.

    He instead urged Ole Kina to refer to land use and physical planning Act to achieve his perceived goal instead of, “stirring the hornet’s nest.”

    Earlier on, Ledama had affirmed that issues facing Maasai will be better articulated by Maasais adding that he won’t apologise for his statement.

    Directing his statement to Nyeri Town MP, Ngujiri Wambugu, Ole Kina maintained that Maasai land belong to Maasai people telling him that if he felt dissatisfied he should sell some of your(Central) lavish tea plantation in your counties.

    “We have remained ignorant for way too long! It’s time to annoy some people by telling them the truth! Maasai land belong to Maasai People. You can’t handle the truth! People like @ngunjiriwambugu if they feel so disgruntled sell some of your lavish tea plantation in your counties,” he stated.

    The utterance caught the eye of Makueni Senator.

    “My brother Ledama ole Kina, allow me to advise . Stand down . We want peace. I championed the land use & physical planning Act . Let’s use the Act to achieve your goals without stirring the hornest’s nest,” he replied.

    In Narok earlier on in the day, two leaders walked out of a stormy Building Bridges Initiative meeting organised ahead of Saturday’s rally over claims of tribal profiling.

    Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno and Narok Deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa walked out of the meeting after the daughter of the late William Ntimama, Leah claimed the position of governor and deputy belong entirely to the Maasai community.

    Ng’eno and Aruasa claimed the remark made in the meeting that was supposed to be attended by all the leaders had disintegrated into “ethnic profiling”.

    After the two leaders walked out, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga walked into the meeting and announced that he had met with President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss the “burning issue of the Kitet Maasai” on the disputed Kedong Ranch sitting on 75,000 acres.

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