Here is DP Ruto’s Opinion Why the Government is Not Winning War Against Corruption

    Deputy President William has raised concern as to why the country is far from winning the war against corruption after he was dragged into the fake firearms deal involving the former Sports CS Rashid Echesa.

    Taking to social media, DP Ruto who feels he is being targeted in every corruption scandal in the country making observations that Kenya could easily win the war if only it concentrates on constructive things.

    Despite recognizing the efforts by the government entities mechanisms to curb the corruption, DP Ruto noted that all will be in vain as long as the agencies continue to fight him(Ruto) instead.

    “It is very easy to win the fight against CORRUPTION. Why are we not winning yet? Because we’re not fighting CORRUPTION, We are fighting”RUTO”. Can we focus a little bit on the real thing?” DP Ruto posed.

    DP Ruto further urged the agencies to concentrate shift their focus on fighting the real thing instead of always dragging his name into every corruption case that erupts.

    Ruto also noted that for Kenya to move forward as a nation, politics of targeting individuals in the name of fighting corruption should stop.

    “To win the war on corruption, we must rely on factual information and stop politics from clouding it. To move forward as a country, selective prosecution targeting predetermined individuals and projects steamrolled by a narrative of convenient lies, falsehood and propaganda is not a fight against corruption. It is politics and is headed in the wrong direction,” DP Ruto said.

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