DP Ruto’s aide who was purported to be dead asks for protection, claims the man who died was linked to Echesa’s gun-tender scandal

In what has emerged to be a case of mistaken identity, many Kenyans believed that DP Ruto’s aide Kelvin Rono died on Sunday in a tragic road accident along Langata Road until the very moment he came out to speak about the whole issue, Rono revealed that he is now living in fear.

Taking to Facebook, Rono expressed his shock at the news that had been doing rounds of his death, lamenting that the issue had put unwarranted stress on his family, friends, and colleagues.

Rono added that rumours that emerged, following the crash, that it was a murder cover up linked to the ongoing court case against ex-sports CS Rashid Echesa, had endangered his life.

“The victim is said to have been linked to the Echesa’s alleged fraud now the whole issue placed and linked to me,” he said.

Wreckage of the car PHOTO/COURTESY

He went ahead to ask for protection saying that he is living in fear inline with Echesa’s scandal.

“In regards to that I would like to request the concerned authority to provide me with security since I am now living in fear in line with the alleged fraud,” he pleaded.

I’m alive

As a means of validating the fact that he was indeed alive and kicking, Rono also shared a video of himself in Karen on Sunday.

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) records, the ill-fated Mercedes Benz in question was registered under the ownership of one David Kipruto Rono.

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    Written by James Mulanda

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