REVEALED: Why the Government Wants Babu Owino Re-arrested Following DJ Evolve’s Case

    The embattled Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino is still in trouble even after securing his release on bail as the state is now seeking to have the bail terms granted to him canceled.

    The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) docket had earlier on faulted bail terms granted to Babu Owino to secure his freedom by court’s magistrate claiming there was no fixed cash bail deposit made by the legislator.

    The government claims there were no fixed sureties in the bond terms issued to the legislator and therefore, Embakasi East lawmaker was released without any cash bail or any surety.

    The money that Babu Owino is set to deposit in Court is supposed to cater to the medication of his shooting victim Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve.

    Justice Luka Kimaru will make the ruling on the government application to have Babu rearrested on February 27, 2020, and if the state win in its application, the controversial lawmaker will be rearrested.

    However, Babu Owino’s defense team led by Lawyers Danstun Omar and Cliffe Ombeta argued that the state was being insensitive and not taking into consideration the life of the victim very seriously with their application to have Babu locked up again.

    Babu who has been charged with attempting to murder B-Club DJ Felix Odhiambo Orinda was freed on a Ksh10 million cash bail to be paid in installments and be channeled towards the victim’s hospital bill.

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