REVEALED: How DP Ruto was directly involved in the Rashid Echesa 39B arms fraud

    DP William Ruto and Rashid Echesa

    Over the years, DP William Ruto’s name has been very synonymous with every major scandal that has rocked the country. From the Maize to Aror-Kimwarer Dam scandals. However, the latest scandal in town is the most outrageous one. Like the previous ones, DP Ruto’s name has been mentioned, this time he tied to the botched fake arms deal that would have seen him get a cool 39B shillings of kickbacks from the fraud which was spearheaded by the sacked SC Rashid Echesa.

    Ruto’s direct involvement in the plan to defraud foreigners cannot be wished away. After his sacking from the Sports docket, Echesa continued to enjoy close ties with the DP even attending his functions and being accorded VIP treatment. All these was due to his close association with Ruto. The DP knows the role Rashid plays in his circles. The former CS is tasked with anything shrewd that Ruto wants handled. From politics no big money deals.

    The fake arms deals was signed inside DP William Ruto’s Annex office. After being sacked from government, Echesa should have not had any access to the DP’s office. He should have been barred from accessing the premises as he was no longer a high ranking government official. However, this was not the case, he had a special clearance from the person in charge and this must have had the DP’s knowledge. No ordinary person can use the boardroom of a Deputy President’s room, more than twice without having a special security clearance.

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