Miguna Miguna shares rare picture of his wife and daughters as he celebrates 20 years in marriage

    Controversial political activist Miguna Miguna on Thursday, February 13th shared a rare picture of his wife and daughters whom he has kept off from the public eye for quite a long time.

    The lawyer shared a picture of his wife Jane Miguna and their three daughters as he and Jane celebrate their 20th marriage anniversary.

    “As crooks were sending Moi to Hell, my lovely wife, the girls and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary of Marriage, Revolutionary Love, Affection and Focus. Nyar Gem pod ber ka dhahabu! No matter what the despots and conmen do, we are focused like laser beams! Viva!” Captioned Miguna Miguna.

    Jane Miguna (far left), Miguna Miguna (in specs) and their three daughters PHOTO/Miguna Miguna (Twitter)

    Before marrying Jane, Miguna was married to Tracey Wynter from the Caribbean with their relationship commencing in 1995.

    Months after they met, the couple welcomed their firstborn Atieno Juma on July 14, 1995, and on December 4, 1996, they welcomed their second-born son.

    Unfortunately, they separated after 3 years together and the same year they separated, Miguna met Jane through a mutual friend.

    This was during a visit to Kenya where he had come to buy land in the Awendo/Migori area and also buy a posho mill for one of his sisters.

    4 months after their first meeting, Miguna came back to Kenya, reunited with Jane and visited her parents’ home to declare his intentions with her.

    The two began dating officially in 1998 and two years later, they got married in a traditional wedding ceremony on 6 August 2000.

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