VIDEO: The powerful dirge Jaramogi Oginga Odinga did at Jomo Kenyatta’s viewing in State House

    Oginga and Kenyatta

    President Moi is currently lying in state at the Parliament Buildings, and Kenyans are eagerly waiting for Raila Odinga to go view Mzee Moi’s remains at Parliament when he jets to the country from Addis Ababa on Monday. However, just like his father Jaramogi to Jomo, Raila had ideological differences with Mzee Moi, even though the two later buried the hatchet and got a chance to work together.

    We have dug into the archives and come across the famous dirge Oginga Odinga did at State House Nairobi, when Jomo passed. Oginga, a known Pan Africanist mourned Jomo Kenyatta the African way, something that many believe Raila Odinga will do on Monday when mourning Moi.

     Oginga was dressed in a grand Luo traditional regalia and was blowing ‘oporo’, a trumpet. He was chanting ‘dengo’, a mixture of praise, poetry, pleasant memories, anger and disappointment for losing a friend.

    Jaramogi resigned from his second in command position over his ideological differences with the man he had sacrificed his presidential ambition for. Oginga had earlier turned down an offer from the colonial government to take over as the Prime Minister at the tail end of the colonial era, endorsing Kenyatta instead, but the two would part ways a few years later, marking the start of their political enmity.

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