Papa Dennis’ death linked to Freemasonry as questions rise why he wanted to relocate to Dallas before mysterious death

    Questions continue to rise on gospel singer Papa Dennis’ death most Kenyans question its mysterious nature; wondering whether it was murder or suicide.

    As Kenyans continue to wonder around his death, a video of Papa Dennis saying that he is intending to relocate to Dallas, USA has emerged.

    “Sahi nafikiria kuenda kuishi Dallas. Naenda kuwa citizen wa huko hivi karibuni,” he said.

    He, however, didn’t specify when he would travel but he said what drew him to the country is how people work hard.

    When asked why, he said he wanted a change of environment.

    His untimely death just months after that revelation has raised a lot of eyebrows as to what he could have been running from when he wanted to go to Dallas.

    On the same, most Kenyans have also linked his death with the dreaded Freemason.

    “Freemasonry is real wah. No wonder he wanted to go to Dallas. RIP anyway,” wrote one Chris Linford.

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