REVEALED: Details of How a Teacher Triggered the Death of 14 Kakamega Pupils Surfaces

    Details of how a teacher triggered the sudden death of 14 Kakamega Primary School pupil after a stampede occurred as the pupils were rushing out of their classrooms at 5 p.m on Monday 3 February emerged.

    Reports indicated that a score of pupils from Kakamega Primary school on Tuesday 4 February revealed that what resulted to stamped is when the pupils saw a teacher heading towards their direction with a cane which caused the commotion.

    Reports further revealed that the three flours building has a staircase on each side of which one of the staircases is only used by teachers while the other one is used by the pupils who in most occasions are monitored and directed by teachers as they move out of the building to avoid the commotion.

    But Monday 3 January things happened differently as the teachers are claimed were locked up in a meeting, hence, the pupils had no one to monitor and direct them out of the building, as usual, causing a commotion as everyone was rushing to get out and after sometimes a teacher came out with a cane which forced the pupils to run away after seeing the teacher with a cane and some fell down leaving a number of pupils dead.

    According to reports, some pupils fell on a section of the staircase and stepped on by fellow pupils who were running out of the building after seeing the teacher carrying a cane.

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