REVEALED: Inside Tanga Tanga’s plot to impeach CSs Eugene Wamalwa and Fred Matiangi for supporting BBI

    The Naivasha meeting which brought together MPs allied to DP William Ruto had more than what meets the eye. The Kenyan Report has established there was an additional agenda on the table, one that directly touched on President Uhuru’s men in Cabinet, Fred Matiangi and Eugene Wamalwa. The two Cabinet Secretaries have been accused by Tanga Tanga of playing politics by virtue of their association with the BBI rallies which took place in Kisii and Kakamega respectfully.

    ”It was agreed that a consideration of tabling an impeachment against the two was an idea that was welcome. Matiangi and Wamalwa have been playing politics in the Cabinet contrary to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s order of restraining government officials from engaging in politics,” said Belgut MP Nelson Koech.

    During the first BBI meeting in Kisii, Interior CS Fred Matiangi played a pivotal role in terms of logistics as well as providing state security to ODM leader Raila Odinga, something that rubbed DP Ruto’s allies the wrong way. The CS has been accused of not only doing Raila Odinga’s bidding in cabinet but also of using his ministry to frustrate the DP.

    After the Naivasha meeting, Tanga Tanga MPs are convinced DP Ruto holds a majority in the National Assembly and it would be an easy job to throw out the two from Cabinet Secretaries out of government via a vote of no confidence. The Naivasha meeting was attended by 176 MPs, which falls short of three quarters requisite needed to impeach.

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