Handshake MPs: Naivasha meeting underlined the DP’s deceitful nature and corrupt tendencies

MP Kanini Kega

MPs drawn from Jubilee and ODM parties have lashed out at DP William Ruto for constantly disrespecting President President Uhuru Kenyatta. Led by Suna East MP Junet Mohammed and Kieni’s Kanini Kega, the leaders took issue with the weekend meeting Tanga Tanga MPs held in Naivasha terming it a ploy to hold Uhuru hostage.

” If there was any proof that Deputy President William Ruto is a divisive character then the events of the last two days provides the clearest pointer. Just a day after he appeared to have abandoned his intransigence and joined the BBI in Mombasa, he turned around and summoned his Tanga Tanga MPs to a meeting in Naivasha which we can only say was meant to thrust the DP’s finger in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eye,” the MPs said in a statement.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala

The MPs said that DP Ruto had not accepted that President Uhuru Kenyatta had opened up his government to accommodate every Kenyan, even those who were perceived to be outsiders. It was out of this, they say, that Ruto has been at constant war with the head of state.

”DP Ruto finds it very hard to accept that Kenya’s political dispensation has changed to include everyone. This is where the problem is. He still has not accepted that President Uhuru decided to open his government up for all Kenyans, and that it is President Uhuru’s wish to run his second term with that understanding,” the statement reads in part.

The leaders told Ruto to stop the shadow boxing and instead face the president head on if he felt he had grown enough political horns to fight the head of state.

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed

 ”Ruto is throwing tantrums at the President but he lacks the courage to do so, opting to use his sycophants. We encourage the DP to man up and walk out of his own shadow and face the President. This is because the shadow boxing will not do. Ruto has opposed BBI since inception and his behavior is hardly surprising,” adding that, ” But what did not expect is the childish behavior the DP is subjecting the president to. If he thinks he has grown politically and can stand on his own, let him resign and let the President to deliver. ”

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